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Propel Java Full Stack Development program For Freshers

Learn Full Stack Web Development in Java with Ample Projects for Hands-on Practice.

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Propel Java Course Overview

PROPEL has been designed to meet the requirements of the software industry for competent workforce. It prepares candidates to begin their career in this exciting field and develop themselves into successful professionals in the long term. PROPEL focuses on holistic development of the participants.

Keeping this in mind, the designers of PROPEL have given a balanced treatment of different areas such as technology, soft skills, language fluency, behavioural orientations and basic business knowledge. The programme enables participants to become professionals who solve real-world problems through the medium of software.

The total duration of the programme is 100 working days, divided into five ‘Camps’. Each Camp has a major objective, and builds over the learning from the previous Camps. Camp 1 helps the participants to understand their future roles and to take charge of building their career. Camps 2 to 5 cover the major part of the content, with a project in each Camp.

Course Content

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  • Participants are given an introduction to the course, expectations and goals to be achieved are set , and commit to develop the knowledge, skills and orientations required to achieve them, taking personal responsibility while working in a collaborative environment.
  • Understanding Programming Logic
  • Understanding Data Types, Keywords, operators and control constructs in Python
  • Exception Handling
  • Programming in Python using OOPS Concepts
  • Create a mini project in Python
  • Defining and manipulating Databases using DDL and DML
  • Using commands and functions to manipulate data in database
  • Use DQL and different clauses- Where, Order By, Group By, Having
  • Using joins to view related/ relevant information from different tables
  • Use subqueries
  • Work with other objects in Databases (Views, Indexes, Sequences)
  • Normalisation of Database
  • Normalisation workshop
  • Introduction to Git- GitHub Basics
  • Setting up the Java Environment and learn to work with Eclipse
  • Using operators and control structures in java
  • Java programming using OOP concepts
  • Implementation of encapsulation and abstraction
  • Practical usage of inheritance and polymorphism
  • Exception handling
  • Multithreading, collections and file handling
  • Introduction to JDBC
  • JDBC using mysql
  • Stored procedures and callable statements
  • Mini project- Console application
  • Web designing and programming using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
  • Introduction to servlets - Environment setup, lifecycle, form setup
  • Client- server responses, cookies,session tracking
  • JSP- Environment set up, life cycle form set up
  • Mini Project - Web
  • Introduction to Hibernate
  • Sessions and Persistent class
  • Mapping files, Mapping types
  • O/R Mapping, Web services
  • Introduction to JPA, Entity management,Introduction To JPQL
  • Spring Core - Overview and set up
  • IOC containers, Bean definition and scope, Bean Lifecycle
  • Dependency injection, Auto wiring, Aop with Spring framework
  • Spring MVC- Dispatcher servlet, Handler mappings
  • Resolving views, annotation based controller configuration
  • REST Web services, REST controllers, Spring Boot REST API
  • Introduction to Typescript
  • Angular environment set up, Modules, Decorators
  • Components, Communication between components
  • Directives, Data Binding, Routing and Navigation
  • Role based Authentication and authorization, JWT authentication
  • CAPSTONE Project REST API with ORM, Angular and MySQL
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